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Dining Tips in Ethiopia

International Dining Etiquette: At Poise and Punctilio we are all about expanding the minds of our student, clients, and supporters, by not only proving etiquette training but a glimpse into different cultures to help you explore the world and try new things. Today we are talking about dining in Ethiopia. Dining in Ethiopia or at an Ethiopian restaurant is a very relaxing culinary experience shared with friends and family.

Ethiopian cuisine is strong, spicy, and rich in stews that are mouth watering and delicious. . First rule is wash your hands because your hands more specifically your right hand will be your dining utensil, so there are no utensils to worry about. Often times a basin filled with water will be brought out before and after your meal. Use your right hand only, your left hand should not be seen, it is considered unclean. You will get use to it quickly with a bit of practice.

Don’t try to be Danty ladies, it’s impossible, get in and enjoy the meal don’t worry about trying to be cute. When eating injera with friends or family, use your right hand to strip off a piece, wrap it around some meat or curry and feel free to feed a friend.

In Ethiopian culture feeding others and being fed by others is a compliment and should be taken graciously. For more tips on international dining, visit us on our website. We look forward to continuing to share the gift of civility and the power of etiquette.

By:Zakiyyah Shakir Founder of Poise and Punctilio .

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