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Simple Hospitality for Host/Hostess

We believe that Etiquette is a lifestyle; and a major part of living that lifestyle well is getting comfortable with showing hospitality. Hospitality can be as grand as a large elaborate 7 course dinner complete with chef and servers or as simple as cup of coffee. Today we are sharing 5 tips to help you become more confident as a host/hostess.

Tip # 1: Do what you do best

When it comes to hospitality we can't all be experts but we can do what we do well for our guest. If you make a special recipe better than anyone else, or you make an exceptional cup of tea or coffee, prepare that for your guest in advance. People are always grateful to be invited and thought of in anyway no matter how small.

Tip# 2: Prepare a Hospitable Home Environment

Prepare your home in advance for company, and set out a table of snacks that your guest can help themselves to. If you aren't a cook a trip to your local market or your pantry to pick up a few things your guest can nibble on is plenty. Sliced Fruit, sweet and salty nuts, chip and dip, and a Sparkling wine, and bottled water will go a long way.

Tip# 3: Potluck it

A potluck is an awesome way to make everyone who will be coming over feel special. Studies show that when people are involved in the event, they feel more comfortable and enjoy the food more. Having friends over for a potluck is a great way to spark conversation around the varying dishes. (Pro Tip: Whenever I have a potluck I pick a theme that the dishes should be prepared around so that the food that guest bring compliment one another. When my friends and family tell me what they will be bringing, I convey that info to the other callers so there isn't an overlap.

Tip #4: Be mindful of dietary restrictions

Be sure to have a vegan, vegetarian options for friends and family who will be in attendance. They will be grateful that you thought of them. You can go a step future and label the food that is meat free, gluten free etc.

Tip #5: Music Variety

Know your audience, and create a music playlist that everyone will enjoy, I often ask my guest who their favorite artist are, then I find music from that artist to add to my playlist. Do not underestimate how exciting a person gets inside when they hear their favorite song, or a song they can sing along to. In my experience guest connect more to the space and each other when they hear music they like.

For more tips and formal training to be the best host/hostess you can be. Consider registering for our "Elegant Entertaining Course" it's a popular course for anyone who would like to elevate their etiquette and social I.Q. when it comes to entertaining.


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