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Social Media Engagement Announcements

Social Media Engagement announcements are becoming the new normal as most of our friends and family are out of state and we see social media as the way to announce our intentions to marry so everyone finds out at once.

But at Peerless Etiquette we would strongly advise you to take a closer look at relationships prior to posting, tweeting, snapping, or.. you get the picture.

Who are the people closest to you?

This could be your parents, grandparents, and siblings on BOTH sides, best friends, and those who will be at your wedding. We suggest informing those closest to you prior to sharing with the world. Our nearest and dearest do not want to get second-hand information from total strangers.

Today's modern couple may underestimate how important it is to inform those nearest and dearest to them first, and those generations who do not use social media. We had a client hire us for the engagement party and there was bad blood between the grandparents and the bride because they felt left out of the announcement that was announced online. They found out via a family friend which made the bride have to make a public apology to the grandparents at the engagement party.

Here are a few tips

Inform anyone who is present for the engagement not to post any video or photo of the engagement before the couple has a chance to announce it to their family.

Make it an event:

Invite all friends and family together who can make it in person, and have others tune in via video to announce to everyone you love at once. Your friends and family will appreciate being part of the VIP announcement.

If you are intending to ask for your significant other's hand in marriage and you want to propose traditionally.

You should have already met the family of the person you intend to marry. Family Reunions, Holiday gatherings, and family trips are all ways to get to know everyone. At some point being invited to meet the family should be part of your dating process. The first time you meet the family should not be at your wedding or after you are engaged if you can help it. Make time; plan a trip. Talking to family members is a great way to get to know your significant other on a more intimate level.

Common Courtesy:

If you are not traditional and want to ask your significant others' hand in marriage before asking their parents, make sure that both families are first to know about the news prior to posting on social media. This will ensure that family and close friends feel special and part of your big moment and are able to congratulate you before the masses.

Etiquette is Timeless, it never goes out of style:

Proper Etiquette will never go out of style, etiquette preserves and strengthens relationships for those who understand the value of true and long-lasting connection.


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