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Ruban Roberts

Peerless Etiquette is proud to introduce; therapist and community activist, and president of the Miami Dade Chapter of the NAACP Ruban Roberts; who took time out of his busy schedule to share some words of encouragement and wisdom for young men to become a better version of themselves. Often times we view etiquette and civility as something to fear as it's been painted with a brush of stuffiness and strict rules of behavior. Our mission is to make etiquette and civility a way of life for everyone especially our youth. We appreciate Ruban for leaving footprints of civility for young men to follow.

Who is someone living or deceased that you feel embodies/embodied outstanding etiquette?

Sydney Poitier

What skills or at tributes must come naturally or be inherent to a man?

1. Leadership - He has to lead his family

2. Honor - He must be a man of Honor.

3. Protector - He must protect his family

4. Provider - He must provide for his family.

5. Commitment - he must honor his commitments

List three ways a young man can show his respect for a young lady:

1. Greet her in a respectful and honorable way.

2. Acknowledge her

3. Affirm her every opportunity you have

What is the best etiquette advice you have ever received?

Wait until everyone is served before you begin eating.

Do you think modern men are prioritizing learning etiquette and social graces appropriately?

It depends on the social circle they are in. If you are in a high society circle then you're more inclined to prioritize learning etiquette.

Do you believe there is power in developing social skills? If so why?:

Yes, it helps to build and fortify relationships, as well as help one to become a better negotiator.

Share one grooming tip and one style tip with a young man that works or you:

Moisturize after showering, and always dress neatly for the occasion.

How does poise and comfort with punctilio influence confidence?

You have to a sense of self awareness to be poised. Self awareness is a building block for confidence.

Please share with us your favorite quote:

Live, love, and be happy.

What is one vintage rule of etiquette or decorum that young men can benefit from today?

Always stand up when greeting someone.

Share the name of a book, and author that you believe will inspire a young man to become a better version of himself.

Nelson Mandela autobiography.


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