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Wedding Guest

Here are a few etiquette tips for classy wedding guest, that the bride and groom will appreciate.

First and Foremost: RSVP

It's proper etiquette to RSVP to the invitation no later than 48 hours so the bride and groom can receive a final head count as soon as possible so they can continue with their wedding planning.

The Wedding Gift

Your next responsibility as their wedding guest is to secure a wedding gift from their wedding registry. If you wish to give a cash gift it should accompany a gift from their registry in a card. Giving cash gifts alone are acceptable but it's much more elegant to give a cash gift with a wrapped gift. Do not leave cash gifts on the gift table, you should hand that gift directly to the bride or groom.

Note: When writing out a check make sure you write the check out in the bride and grooms name so either of them can deposit it.

Dress appropriately (According to the theme of the wedding or the dress code)

It's impolite to show up to a casual wedding dressed formally or show up dressed casually to a formal wedding. You should dress properly and take care of the details before hand so that you're on time on the day of. Choose your outfit, set your grooming appointments the day before ( hair appointment, nail appointments etc) so on the day of you are prepared.

Arrive on Time

There is nothing fashionable about being late, arrive on time and take your seat. Do not scroll in late. Plan to be 10-15 minutes early to the wedding venue. If you are traveling to a destination wedding book your flight to touch down one day before the wedding or more depending on your personal budget and desire to vacation in the area in which you're traveling.

Sign the Guest Book

A guest book is a keepsake for the bride and groom, do not skip signing their guest book. Sometimes a wedding is so big that the bride and groom doesn't always get to see everyone but by signing their guest book they will know you were there. Some brides use their guest book as a guide to sending thank you cards. So please sign the guest book.

At the Reception: Sit where you have been assigned

It does not matter if you don't like where you've been seated, by no means should you ever remove our place card and move some place else. The bride and her planner have planned the seating arrangements and a move like that will upset the bride. Sit where you've been assigned to sit and make the most of it.

These are simply footnotes to a much longer lesson, to learn more about wedding etiquette or to book Peerless Etiquette to work with your wedding party or planner visit our services menu.

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