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Tia Strachen

At Peerless Etiquette we want to inspire young ladies and young men to live a life of civility and kindness wherever they go. We want our young people to know that etiquette and proper behavior is cool, that there is power in poise and that opens doors of opportunity and helps forge more meaningful relationships. We caught up with Tia Strachen actress and model, to ask her a few questions. Hopefully her answers to our questions will inspire you in some way.

Who is someone (living or dead) that you feel embodies/embodied outstanding etiquette ?

My grandmother is the person I feel embodies outstanding etiquette. She has been my example for so much. From elbows off of the dining room table to saying excuse for everything. She taught me how to care for others unconditionally. She rarely swears, hey, she’s not perfect, but it’s never the most vulgar language. She still polished her silver and uses the good China for special events. She is my best friend and I’m so thankful to be learning all of that and so much more from her.

What skills or attributes must come naturally, or be inherent to a woman ?

Giving, loving, & caring. We seem have a natural instinct to care or take others under our wings. Our love for others is usually strong and we give ourselves completely to what we’re doing. There are many more that could probably be up there, but these three seem to be pretty common.

What is one thing you learned later in life, that you wish you were taught sooner?

Self care! Regular hair routine, nail routine, physical activity, something! It’s important to care for yourself physically because it keeps you mentally strong. You get a second to decompress and spend time within yourself. My mother and my grandmother are great with caring for all of us, but they often times forget about themselves. Anxiety goes through the rough and life isn’t as smooth. Take care of yourself as well!

Finish the statement; In today's modern world it is important to...

Watch your mouth. Women have a way of speaking things into existence. Your words have power and carry weight. Consider your words wisely and don’t stir up the pot.

What is the best etiquette advice you have ever received?

Write hand-written thank you notes. My grandmother is notorious for receiving gifts, someone pays for a lunch, anything and she is writing you a thank you. She sends birthday cards to people she’s met just once, but they made a lasting impression from over 20 years. It’s such a nice gesture that people tend to forget about. You taking that time to write a personalized thank you brings a lot of joy that just hearing a thank you can bring. They took the time to pick something just for you, take the time to write things out. I’m not the greatest at this, I will admit. It makes me feel guilty every time! Sometimes it takes me forever to get around to it, but when I do it, I feel so joyful.

Do you think today’s woman is concerned enough with, or prioritizing learning etiquette and social graces appropriately?

I think social media make a lot of things hard to recognize if it’s reality or virtual. I think we could do better.

Do you believe there is power in femininity? If so why?

I do, we have an influence in each and every industry without needing to be like men. Our “vulnerability and softness” is sometimes what stops the masculine energy from taking over and making negative decisions. Our love can spark greatness.

Share one beauty secret and one style tip with us that works for you.

Water is your friend! I watched an episode of Oprah in the 9th grade where these ladies said they washed their faces with water for many years. These ladies were all well over 70, but you couldn’t tell. Their faces were so clear and vibrant. I learned then that being natural is always better. My face has never had too many issues, but the water has made it much more clear. Have clothes for many different occasions. You need to dress appropriately for each social setting. If you’re modeling or acting, having a variety of looks can really pay off for you.

How does poise and comfort with punctilio influence confidence?

You have a sense of balance and knowledge that no one can take from you. It helps you be grounded and that is what you need in order to make through any industry.

Please share with us your favorite quote.

“All you can do is all you can do and all you can do is the best.” -Art Williams Do your best! Give it your all. You can’t be disappointed if you don’t come out as a winner or it seems like you came up short if you put all of your effort into it. Success is what YOU make of it. You could be beating a personal best or trying something new, just give it your all!

What is one vintage rule of etiquette or decorum that young women can benefit from today?

Being well versed. We need to be knowledgeable, especially in the circles that we are in. Small talk is something that was very important. They didn’t want to say things that could cause discourse in the conversation.

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