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The Last Word

Peerless Etiquette is all about self development; we inspire our clients to raise their vibrations by being aware of their words, thoughts and actions daily. Today we want to talk about the last word, and the energy needed to attain it when conversing with someone who is combative. Allowing people to have the last word could seem counterproductive to how you feel in the moment but giving away the last word could help you find peace within and save your energy.

Many people don't realize how much energy they give daily by just talking alone, now add to that talking to combative people, narcissistic individuals and those whose ego has grown unchecked for years. Getting into a drawn out argument with people with that much pent up negative energy will zap your energy every time. Instead give up the need for the last word, and allow them to think about why you didn't respond to their toxic verbal jabs. Allow them to wonder, allow them to feel unsettled with the closer you didn't provide, allow them to yearn for a reply that was never supplied. Giving a person the last word is like giving them a gateway to see themselves. It's only when we see ourselves that we can grow.

Peerless Etiquette Pointers

  • Listen carefully

  • Never interrupt

  • Don't raise your voice to make your point

  • Remain aware of your breath

  • Control body language and facial expressions

End conversations gracefully by saying "You've given me a lot to think about" or "I'll need o think about what you've said" or thanks for sharing your thoughts, at the time I have nothing to add. These are all fool proof conclusions to heated arguments that you might not be in the emotional place to handle. Having these statements on hand will help you use them when you need to for a peerless outcome,

By: Zakiyyah Shakir


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