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Today, nearly half of all business transactions, including job interviews are conducted at the dining table; and there is no better, or possibly worse place to make an impression than at the table. Navigating the minefield of place settings, staying mindful of table manners, and eating difficult foods while trying to hold an appropriate conversation can be stressful and challenging. In our competitive, global business environment, polished dining skills are a must! This two-hour class will prepare you to dine with anyone, anywhere in the world with confidence.

We enjoy teaching the finer points of dining etiquette, tea etiquette, entertaining courses for clients.

Our Dining Etiquette Curriculum goes Beyond American and Continental Dining and into the subtle nuances that highlight the ladies and gentlemen at the table. Prepare you for first dates, business coffee, lunch, dinner, or cocktail parties, or social tea.

The personal and professional demands placed on business executives today surpass any experienced in the past. It is crucial to know how to make the best credible first impressions and effectively manage relationships across cultures. The savvy executive must be able to explore new markets, develop opportunities worldwide, and master the techniques necessary to be the “best-in-business” in his or her industry.

Does your company conduct business internationally?

Doing business in a global marketplace means you and your teams need to understand cultural differences,*which includes attitudes about interpersonal communication skills, time management, personal space, gift-giving, humor, food, and more. Since every country’s rules and customs are different, it’s dangerously easy to offend others without even knowing it, which could mean a loss of business and productivity.


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