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Living Peerless is all about living an essential life, one free of the burdens of ego and the need to compete with others but a truly personal journey where you are one with yourself, your loved ones, your surrounding and your choices.

Living Peerless Daily is a daily check in and reminder to purge from your life anything that no longer brings you joy, peace and happiness. Today we are discussing simplifying; simplification is the act of getting rid of excess clutter that no longer serves us to make room for the things that do.

Simplifying is not a race to be the person with the least amount of things but it's inspiration to get clarity about what matters to you. Throwing away art supplies when you're an artist is counter productive to the process so is getting rid of camera lenses when you are a photographer. But having art supplies when you have no interest in art that you purchased because they were on sale is a different story, donating those items to a less fortunate school or to an artist is simplifying to find what means the most to you.

Many people who live a minimalist lifestyle or would like to embark on the minimalist journey begin by getting rid of everything because they believe in order to be a minimalist you must own nothing. These very same people quit minimalism in a short time period because a life without anything is hard to sustain.

Peerless Daily agrees with some minimalist principles but we believe in finding a balance, a healthy balance of simplification without over simplifying. We believe people should have nice things, and we believe that people need to see and experience beauty and feel the inner joy that comes from handling well made products. We believe that people buy so much because they buy cheaply. Most people lack the discipline to save for the best, they buy cheaply and then they buy often because the cheaply made products don't last, they settled for them, they never really loved them. We have found that when people buy quality, and make a bit of an investment, they are open to letting go excess. Hence, the reason Peerless Daily believes in conscious quality purchases over spontaneous cheap purchases. This leads to simplification, no one ever gets rid of things they invested in and consciously chose.

Remember there is no simplification police that is coming by to make sure you have one of everything. You are the only person who knows what you need. To live Peerless, you need to de-clutter your life and make space for the things that add value to your lifes purpose. These things should be of excellent quality chosen consciously by you.

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