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Netiquette for Family

  1. Do not post family photos on social media if you haven’t cleared it with the family members in the photos.

  2. Keep personal information about family members private, online is not the place to joke around about something embarrassing for a member of your family.

  3. Create a "private" family group page if you want to post pictures to share with family, don’t use your public timeline for pictures other members of your family don’t want to share with the public.

  4. Don’t get upset if a family member doesn’t acknowledge you as family on their page, it might be that the family member likes their privacy and would rather not show everyone the members of their family.

  5. It is never ok to post an embarrassing video you made of a family member, videos can go viral in a heart beat and they will be remembered for that embarrassing video for a lifetime..

  6. If you are under 18 your parents will have access to your social media, and it’s for your own good. Do not go any try to make another social media page, show your parents they can trust you and when you’re old enough they will give you more privacy. Have integrity and follow the rules your parents have set for you regarding social media, and be proud to have parents who care enough to do so.

  7. If a family member broke up with someone and you are still friends with the person they broke up with, sharing pictures on your timeline of the family member should be blocked from the person they broke up with. Your family member may not want an ex using your page to lurk and keep up with their every move especially if it ended on bad terms.

  8. If you are out with your family at a certain place do not post the location of where you are with your family on social media, post after you have all made it home if you must. All family members present might not want the public knowing their whereabouts especially strangers. If you post later on, post where you have been, don't tag anyone unless you ask them first.

  9. Do not take offense if your family members untag themselves in pictures you have tagged them in. They may not want to share that picture with their friends or the public.

  10. If a family member unfriends you or stops following you on social media it isn’t the end of the world, an unfollow of unfriend doesn’t make you any less family it just means you all need to spend more time together off of social media.

In closing, liking a family members post, or commenting, doesn’t make up for quality time spent with your family, social media is a great platform for families who live far away from one another, but a few planned trips to see one another is still required. Do not let social media be the only connection you have to your family. But when you do use social media to connect respect boundaries.


Zakiyyah Shakir is the founder of Poise and Punctilio; her life has been dedicated to sharing the love of etiquette and civility with children, teens, adults, and corporations to inspire a more courtesy conscious culture in her community and abroad. She writes primarily about etiquette and civility on her free time when she isn't teaching at her etiquette school, or traveling with other etiquette professionals who are part of the Poise and Punctilio Association.

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