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Holiday Dinner Party Tips

It's that time of year again and the party invitations are beginning to role in, along with a bit of holiday anxiety.The Holidays can be a stressful time of year; so many things to do and people to see. It's important to make sure you are more poised than panicked to get through the end of the year with grace. Today we are sharing with you five etiquette tips for the holidays.


1. Answer invitations a timely manner

That's right, answer all invitations in a timely manner as everyone's under a modicum of stress to make sure things are ship shape for the holidays. Late replies to invitations makes the host/hostesses job all the more stressful. So answer all invitations within 48 hours of receiving them. Do not just show up!

2. Show up to the party with a gift in hand.

If you are an invited guest, a host/hostess gift during the holidays and anytime for that matter is required. Steer clear of flowers, flowers would require the host to break away to arrange them and find water for them. Stick to gifts like a nice bottle of wine, but when you gift it, let them know it's for their personal collection so they don't feel pressured to serve it right then. Another good gift is a box of chocolate, or a gift card to their favorite place.

3. Show up on time

Now is not the time to be fashionably late, a dinner party means the host has planned the menu and would like everyone to eat together at one time. Late arrivals add another layer of stress for dinner guest who now feel obliged not to move onto the next course because you are on a different course. Keep in mind that some host are strict and will serve you the course they are on if you're late. Lastly, arrive on time to avoid the host being interrupted from the conversation and the other guest to get you settled in. Do us all a favor and arrive on time.

4. Converse with the person on your right and to your left, and the person directly across from you. Not the persona t the other end of the table.

When you are invited to a dinner party, the conversation during the meal is the most rewarding part of the occasion, don't sit quietly and eat your food, engage with other guest and add to the flow of the conversation, but by all means do not be a conversational narcissist; do not take the conversation hostage, let it flow keep it appropriate avoid religion, politics, rhetoric, and gossip.

5. Don't forget the thank you card

You have exactly 48hours to send a hand written thank you card to the host with a small gift. Host go through a lot to get a dinner party just right, and afterwards they stay up cleaning up behind guest, a thank you card is the least you can do. If you can do all of the above, you will always be a welcomed guest at any party.

By: Zakiyyah Shakir


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