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High Tea isn’t fancy

You’ve received an invitation to high-tea.

What should you where for the occasion? If you’re thinking you should wear a fancy suit or dress you’d be mistaken. Although High Tea sounds fancy, it isn’t. Many people make the mistake of saying High Tea because the word “High” is associated with High Society. I’m sorry to to be the Etiquette Professional to let the air out of your balloon, but it’s “Afternoon Tea” that’s elegant although it doesn’t has a plain name.

A High Tea by its very definition is a working mans meal.

High Tea is not fancy, it’s one of the biggest meals served on a high table that men ate in their work clothes after hard labor. High Tea sounds fancy, but it isn’t served with scones, sweets, savories and fine china like Afternoon Tea is. Sure, Afternoon Tea doesn’t have a pretentious ring to it, but it’s the fancy teatime you’ve all grown to know and love.

As an Etiquette and Civility Professional, I come across many people who hear the word etiquette and they are running for the nearest milliner shop, and buying pearls to fit some mold of what they believe etiquette is all about. Etiquette isn’t a coat you put on, it’s a lifestyle you live, it’s your genuine way of being because you are aware of others and you do your best to make those who share time and space with you feel at ease.

Knowing the proper rules and respecting the punctilio of social events is a major part of fine tuning your etiquette knowledge until it becomes second nature. Once you master the etiquette needed it becomes part of you. But just because you are taking the time to improve your etiquette knowledge doesn't mean everyone else is. So, if a friend, family member, or business associate sends you an invitation to High Tea with and Afternoon Tea Menu, enjoy yourself. Do not call attention to the mistake as many people Play at things without the real etiquette knowledge. There are many etiquette instructors who also make this mistake, if you’re reading this and you realize you’ve been teaching your students wrong, don’t worry make the correction in your next class.

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By: Zakiyyah Shakir

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