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Three ways to love a white shirt

A good white shirt is essential for every work wardrobe, it's the one classic that is a mainstay in my wardrobe because of the versatility. A white shirt is not every woman's favorite but here is why. A button down white shirt doesn't always work for every body type. It's a work staple, nothing says professional like a beautifully tailored white collared shirt, I have at least ten overall from Brooks brothers, and Banana Republic.

The overall nature of a button down is very structured as it's been borrowed from the boys. If a woman is curvy she will have a harder time puling off this classic ie; (pulling button and boxy body). Instead opt for a wrap white top that will still give you the style you love with the a flattering cut that embraces your silhouette.

Another white shirt to try is the oversized husband top, this is a fun play on a beloved classic that makes it a lot more fun. A great weekend fit, with a pair of jeans and ballet flats or trainers if you're running errands.

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