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Most men will pay for first dates, but don't expect all men are the same. Some men will expect you to pay or, pay half of the bill. Here are a few tips for women on first dates who would like to avoid surprises, or embarrassments. Keep in mind while reading that these are my suggestions, you may decide to use my suggestions or completely do your own thing. Here is some advice for a woman going on a first date:

Tip# 1: Be Prepared.

Usually when a man ask you out he intends to pay for the date, but just in case there is a change of events bring enough money of your own to pay. Things happen; men forget there wallets in the glove department after the valet has taken the car. His card may decline, causing him to be embarrassed, and you will have to pay. Or maybe he isn't a traditional man and believes you should split the bill. Worse case scenario the date is a disaster and out of spite he has decided not to pay. So bring enough to pay for dinner if it comes to it. Although the etiquette rule is, whoever invites the other, pays.

Tip# 2: Don't order the most expensive thing on the menu.

A lady is gracious and modest in her selections, ordering the most expensive entree on the menu isn't .

Tip# 3: Offer to Pay:

Some women may cringe at this but do offer to pay in a subtle way, men like to be men and that means providing. However, when I say offer to pay I mean show signs that you would help pay by looking at the check when it comes, when the check comes, don't turn your noise up with high expectations, instead reach for the bill. Although most men, won't let you touch it, but try anyway. If he insist he will pay, offer to leave the tip.

Tip# 4: Backup Safety

If you are meeting for a first date, let someone in your family or one of your friends know about the date, what time you are going, and what time they should expect you back. It is always good practice for a lady to have a third party looking out for her best interest.

Tip# 5 : No Alcohol for safety:

In my opinion a woman should not drink alcohol on her first date with a gentlemen, sticking to non alcoholic beverages allows you to stay clear headed, and get to know the gentlemen which is the real reason for the date anyway. If he insist on buying a rare bottle of wine or Champagne he would like you to try, take one or two sips but do not over indulge, if you don't trust him for any reason insist that you would rather not, and persuade him to order a glass for himself.. If you must leave the table at anytime and you leave your drink do not finish it when you get back to the table.

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