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There is nothing like the feeling of well polish tips, you hold your hands differently you handle items differently, and you are proud to show them off. It's no wonder why nail salons are always crowded.

The word manicure is derived form the Latin words "manus" meaning hands and "cura" meaning care. The purpose of a manicure is to improve the appearance and feel of the hands. ... Everyone wants soft, attractive hands and cleanly groomed nails. Not everyone has the time or money to have a manicure done at the salon, but many women have learned to do there nails at home.

With so many nail kits that come complete with all the tools you need, you can give yourself that beautiful salon finish at home. I won't be joining you, because I personally feel like nail care should be left to the professionals. And my dominant right hands will make my left hand look great, but I can't polish with my left hand which makes my salon finish impossible. Nevertheless well manicured hands, and properly pedicured toes gives you a feeling of pride in your appearance for a small investment. If you are a DIY kind of person here are a few nail polish brands you'll love.

I've recently fallen in love with Inglot, as I sat in the nail salon getting a pedicure a young woman on the other side of the curtain that separated us said I brought my own polish. The young nail tech responded, Oh Inglot is a great brand we will be carrying the like here very soon. I couldn't resist a quick google search and I'm happy I did. I never gave to thoughts to the fact that our nail polish needs to breath. The Inglot nail polish offer water and air permeability while allowing you to have a glossy mani pedi, you nails are not simply covered but they are allowed to breath, take in moisture. Which leads me to believe I have been smothering my nails in polish for years, who knew?

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