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Every once in a while I stumble across articles online that hint at Luxury Items being a waste of money, or those who love them are materialistic and shallow. If one isn't careful you'll begin to set the bar lower and lower, and actually fall into the trap of purchasing fast fashion which is the true problem in the environment and the cause of waste, clutter, and poor working conditions for the poor who make them, the employees who are paid bellow minimum wage to sell them, and the environment that has to receive them because they don't last.

Now let me back track for the sake of the eye rollers, and self righteous and the stubborn to clarify a few things. I get that certain luxury items may be out of your reach and that may be the cause of your attitude, I get that some of the people who wear luxury brands act as if they are better than everyone else because they can afford top luxury items and that may annoy you. I also understand that you would like to see the same amount of money spent on luxury items to be donated to a cause or charity.

Now let me push forward once more to make my point. Luxury Brands are not the problem, in fact many top luxury brands treat their employees better, give to causes and charities, and create opportunities for women and men to live a life they never thought possible.Luxury brands last longer and are never really disposed of, instead they are resold, auctioned, or live in museums. So fast fashion may be the problem, but Luxury brands are not.


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