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Elegant Hands

Elegant ladies do not wear long claws instead she opts for her natural nails in a beautifully finished manicure in a subtle color. However, she does favor glitter nail polish and luscious reds during the holiday season. But one thing a lady never overlooks is the condition of her nails when she leaves the house. Chipped nail polish may seem like a petty detail but trust us it is not.

Nail Management

Chipped nail polish can ruin your overall look because hands are always on display. Chipped nail polish could make you appear ill groomed even if you are well groomed. That one little detail that was overlooked makes people assume that you have overlooked other details as it relates to your hygiene and self-care. So, by all means if the nail polish has chipped, remove it all. The same holds true for a broken nail. Do not walk around sporting uneven nails it looks horrid, take our word for it. A lady should always be in possession of cotton balls and nail polish remover as well as a nail grooming kit in between visits to her manicurist.


The length of an elegant woman nails is no longer than 1.5 millimeters, and her nails should be filed-in the shape that suits her hand. Very long nails that borders on the verge of claws isn't recommended but it's completely up to the woman. A lady chooses natural lengths and colors as she understands true beauty is about looking like yourself with only subtle enhancements to highlight your beauty not completely change the way you look.


An elegant woman doesn't simply focus on her nails she takes care of her hands overall. She washes her hands often which can lead to dryness so she always has a moisturizer specifically for her hands to maintain her skin. She gives the same attention to her feet, ashy feet and hardened heels are things a lady is sure to manage on a regular basis. Heel exfoliation and moisturizing should be part of an elegant ladies bath everyday.

These tips might sound like a full time job, you might think to yourself who has the time? the answer is, an elegant woman makes the time to look and feel her best. She understands that how she looks and how she feels is a testament to her character. That's right, overlooking things, and taking short cuts, or completely altering how you look are all clues that you lack discipline, that you might be unorganized or you're unaware of how important little details of self care are. If you need help creating a self care regime or you have questions sign up for an online Appearance Management course where you will work one on one with our director to speak openly about your concerns and create a plan.


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