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Simplicity is the mark of a true lady or gentlemen we prefer well made clothing that serves a specific purpose rather than flashy and trendy. Our personal style leans toward a uniform taste, we know our measurements and we keep up with them over time so we can simply drop off a shirt or suit to our tailor. Simplicity doesn't mean cheap and it doesn't always mean expensive simplicity to us means.

Appropriate for the occasion:

A lady or gentlemen will not show up to an event over dressed or under dressed. We dress for the occasion and we often make a decision before hand.

Bold colors or Muted Color?

We know the colors that best suit our skin tone and we stock up on them, we are sure to use the colors that suit our skin tone around our face to always look our best.

Body Focus

Ladies if they'd like to show skin or not, and when they decide they choose specific body parts that they will show at a time. Legs or arms? Back or decolletage? Or no skin at all.

The Dress Code

We are aware of the proper dress code and we adhere to it out of respect for our host and the plans that have been made for the look of each participant for an overall feeling of their event.



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