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I'd rather have my husband invest in a few tailor made shirts than to own dozens of ill fitting off the rack shirts that do nothing to accentuate and flatter his broad shoulders, and shapely arms. What I've learned as an Image Consultant is fit is absolutely everything. An expensive garment can look cheap if the fit isn't perfect. As a woman I visit my tailor often to have off the rack items tailored for a sharper image.

Excuses you tell yourself to avoid tailoring;

It fits off the rack...

Unless you are built like male model, trust me it doesn't fit off the rack, there is always something a tailor can do to improve the fit, that you don't recognize.

I like my shirts baggy...

OK, and you probably don't look as sharp as could.

Tailors are too expensive...

If you are on a tight budget and can't afford the luxury of tailoring think of this. How many bargain shirts have you accumulated? Consider this, most men who tailor make their shirts don't have as many as you but they look sharper. Start simple, take in one of the bargain shirts you brought off the rack to a tailor and have him make adjustment. It's a lot less expensive than going custom.

Exactly what needs to be fixed?

  • Your collar may not sit on your neck properly.

  • Your sleeves may be to short, or too long.

  • You may have gaping on your upper back.

  • Your shirt may be too roomy under your arms.

  • You may have too much fabric in the back, and the shirt needs to be taken in.

  • Your shirt may be too long, and you have too much fabric to tuck in.

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