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I hope so, because I personally love red lipstick, I believe it's powerful and adds a much needed lift to the complexion. It's a staple in my everyday look that I adore. However, in a more conservative work place a nice nude may be a better option. Although I have clients who wear red lips in the work place everyday, many have admitted that they didn't start wearing that shade until their positions we're solidified. Which I believe gave them more confidence to be bold.

Here are a few tips to red lips in the workplace that I have found worked for clients.

Shade is everything: The right shade of red lipstick is important and can make or break your look, most time red lipstick looks inappropriate because it simply isn't the right shade for the wearer.

Too bright for your complexion or too dark and spooky and you'll be the subject of everyone's whispers.

Once you determine your coloring try it on and take a look in the mirror outdoors in daylight to see if the color is suitable for daytime. If your lips are the first thing a person sees, it might not be a good shade. Your overall objective at work should be not to distract from your work.

Careful when wearing red lipstick at work as it easily transfers to your teeth, you'll have to check in a hand mirror and keep an eye on things.

Dry, chapped, and gathering lipstick: When wearing lipstick, or gloss reapplication is mandatory or else you'll end up with that embarrassing line inside your mouth once your lips stick has dried out or gotten old.

Remove all lipstick before business lunch, dinner, or coffee so not to leave lipstick stains on your utensils and glassware.



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