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Why is it that neutral colors are a favorite among minimalist?

Neutral colors provide a foundation to any design, many minimalist who are pairing down to the essentials, choose to live with neutral colors permanently. It doesn't mean that all minimalist are the same, I know many minimalist who are living Peerless Daily who prefer to bring color into their living spaces subtly, and some who bring color into their spaces boldly.

Minimalist enjoy neutral color palettes in their living spaces and in their wardrobes because it's non committal, interchangeable, and essential. A bright red wall or a purple sweater will always stand out, sometimes bold colors that stand out in this way can become annoying over time unless it's your favorite color.

Think about it like this. If you know someone who is always in your face vying for your attention; won't you need a break from them? Won't you grow tired of them? That's the same with bold colors for minimalist who want to live in a space or dress in a way that is fluid and laid back without pressure.

Neutrals are a favorite because they are the essential starting point:

Minimalism is about functionality and pairing down distractions to make more space, physically and mentally for the things that matter most to us.

This is not to say that color isn't welcome, I love fresh colorful flowers next to my bed and on my dining table during Spring and pops of color throughout the home to create visual interest, but I tend to use them sparingly and only when the mood hits me. So the color is usually noncommittal; in a pillow covering, flowers, or a throw blanket, instead of a wall, or furniture.

Neutral colors are calming:

Many minimalist enjoy neutral colors because of the calming effect they have on them.

Neutral colors create the illusion of more space:

Many Minimalist who live in smaller spaces have realized that they can make their living space seem larger by sticking to neutral colors like white, beige, and gray.

Neutral Colors are no doubt a favorite among most minimalist, but that doesn't stop them from living a colorful life. Many of our clients say that by creating a more serene environment they are inspired to write more, explore more, and create more. In my own experience neutral colors don't distract me like bold and bright colors do, so I understand.

We want to hear from you, as a minimalist what colors do you live with? How do they influence you?


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