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Elegance is Simplicity

Whenever we encounter clients who tell us their goal is to create an elegant wardobe we know we must have the talk with them. That talk consists of cleaning out and only buying quality pieces within a prescribed color scheme that suits their complexion and cuts that suit the body they have now.

Elegance is rooted in consistency and refining as your budget allows. The quality of the clothes and accessories you wear is of utmost importance. You can't buy cheap and look elegant, quality counts in this arena which is why we help our clients learn how to shop to take advantage of discounts for high-quality garments that will maKe them look their best.

The Image Asset manages several shopping accounts for clients of all shapes and sizes and budgets. We are always prepared when our clients call us because we shop year-round. No event our clients are faced with is a surprise for us, we anticipate the needs of our clients by cultivating relationships with brands they love so they will always have something to wear that they love even if it's last-minute request. The Image Asset has it covered!

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