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Three ways to gracefully re-gift sweets

Being gracious and accepting gifts always, never turn down a gift that someone took the time to give you. However, there are times when some gifts are not what you need, want, or desire to keep. In this case re gifting a gift is OK, but use caution.

1. Say thank you and re gift those sweets.

During the Holiday Season sweets are overwhelmingly present all around you and you'd like to hang on to your post holiday waistline but the gifts of sweets just keep oncoming in. Let Poise and Punctilio give you a few tips on declining sweets this holiday season. Being gracious and accepting gifts of sweets from well meaning giver is the polite thing to do. Say thank you, accept the gift but it's OK to re gift it. But just be sure to check for personalized cards on the gift before you do. Also make sure the person you re gift to isn't someone that knows the original gift giver.

2. Accept the gift and share.

Your next door neighbor baked you a pie and you are not interested in the calories, accept the gift graciously as they have taken the time to bake for you which means they thought about you for hours while doing it. However you are not interested in eating a whole pie, so take the pie to a holiday party you're on the way to and share the pie with everyone, add it to the buffet and say goodbye to consuming all those calories alone.

3. Accept and Donate

Accept the gift and donate to the nearest shelter to make their meal more special. Nothing says Happy Holidays more than giving to those who need it most, this goes for any gift that you have received that you do not need, give it to someone who does.

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