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You're at a restaurant and you want to give thanks for being invited by ordering a bottle of wine you thought the guest would enjoy.

Remember not all guest drink alcoholic beverages so do not take it personal if not all guest partake in your kind gesture of Pinot Noir Vintage.

Here is what to expect when you order the wine, many people begin to get a little anxious when they realize the etiquette of the pouring of the wine by the sommelier. If you do not elect to take ownership of the bottle and do the pouring yourself this is what will happen.

Once you order the bottle of wine, the waiter will pour you a sample to taste, once you've sampled the wine, after sighting the wine, swirling it, then sniffing the bouquet take a sip. If everything is to your liking give the waiter a nod, he will then proceed to the person to your right and continue around the table filling your guests glasses half way and returning to you last to bring your glass up to the level of your guest.

If you are a guest, and someone has ordered a bottle of wine, once your glass has been filled do not drink from your glass until the waiter has filled the glass of the person who ordered the wine.

Examine the wine list, if there are 30 Italian wines listed and only 5 American wines listed the owner of the restaurant prefers Italian wine, so chose something Italian, go with the flow.

The wine list at restaurants can be intimidating because some restaurant cellars are endless so there selections are endless as well. When presented with the wine list don't feel you need to know everything, ask questions, some of my clients are wine enthusiast who have taught me more about wine than I could ever teach them. Asking for recommendations is a sure way to get a good conversation going. Who doesn't like to talk about wine? In my experience the conversation starts at wine, then it morphs into travel and where to buy the best wine.


Social Etiquette Tip / Conversation

"The question you think will make others judge you is sometimes the question your guest are waiting for to open up and truly connect with you, even if you know alot, someone else has a different perspective that could expand your knowledge, or help you see things in a different way"

-Zakiyyah Shakir



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