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Your behavior has everything to do with what you are attracting in your life. Many people think that we are merely a Finishing School, we allow them to go with that, but at Poise and Punctilio we teach our clients the ways and customs necessary to get on with others in a polite society. The behavior taught is your ticket into new rooms with new energy and new opportunities. Etiquette is absolutely part of our repertoire but only a small segment of the overall picture. To fully receive the benefits of our services one must be ready to move into a higher level of consciousness. It isn't enough to have wealth, many clients have wealth but don't feel like they belong in their new environment. Being able to look, behave, and communicate in an elevated way is powerful. Many clients have to learn, unlearn and relearn to strike a balance.

Our clients receive complete Image Development services from our team. The Image Development Services offered is predicated upon the Law of Attraction in action. Each person who comes to us for help improving or establishing their personal or professional brand is not only embarking on an Image Enhancement journey, but they are also learning to embrace a different level of living in a gracious way.

We believe in our clients and we see them at their best, regardless of how they arrive. We do not offer cookie-cutter Image consulting services, each individual is different, and that uniqueness inspires us to enhance and embrace that uniqueness when consulting. Our goal is to understand your vision for your Image and help you achieve it. We do not judge, our only goal is to help you develop the skills and habits necessary to align with the Image you want to create we ready when you are.


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