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Elegant Packing List for a Yacht Vacation

If you've been invited to a Yacht Party or weekend getaway I can assure you the model above didn't arrive in those high heels, they were placed on her for this photo. Because everyone knows yachts are a shoe free environment, and if you must wear shoes they should unquestionably be boat shoes with a rubber bottom.

At Peerless Etiquette we will make sure you're in the know to avoid the social faux pas committed daily by those who receive their etiquette knowledge from the uniformed.

Whenever we write an article it's always inspired by our clients who ask questions during our private etiquette sessions.

Today's featured Question is: What should I pack to look elegant on a weekend yacht excursion?

Well like I tell the ladies and gentlemen of Peerless Etiquette family, you must be practical when it comes to looking chic on a boat. Practicality is classy and practicality can be chic. An elegant man or woman knows that simple and well made clothing for the specific occasion is best. Avoid Trendy, and cheaply made items that serve no real purpose.

Consider the Weather

The first tip is to consider the weather and take into account that when you're on the water the weather can be colder or hotter depending on the climate you began with.

For a Warm Climate you should be packing

  • A Linen Dress or a pair of linen pants.

  • 100% Cotton t-shirts in necklines that suit your shape (Curvy v-neck, Boxy crew-neck) etc. Know your body type and choose wisely. If you need help determining your body type and how to flatter your shape click here

  • Rubber bottom Boat shoes, Rubber grip bottom socks, Rubber bottom Ballerina's, Rubber bottom Espadrilles (See pictures below)

Book a Pedicure

If you opt to go shoe-less please book a pedicure appointment and have your nails properly manicured prior to your trip. I prefer a nice neutral nail color to compliment everything I wear but every woman is different. Choose the color that works for you and your personality. If you need help determining an elegant nail style read our article on elegant hands click here.

Think about the occasion for your weekend getaway, are you celebrating a friends birthday, anniversary, or are you simply joining your bow on a romantic weekend getaway. Pack this:

A Fitted or Semi Tailored Dress: Contrary to popular belief long maxi skirts that blow in the wind are not proper yacht attire. The only thing that should be flowing in the wind is the yacht's colors on its flag. Do not show up in, or pack anything that to blows in the wind dramatically. The general rule for yacht attire is sporty and casual. Choosing fabric that sits close to the body is preferred and elegant woman knows this.

Pack Two Swimsuits that flatters your figure:

Choosing your swimsuit is personal, I prefer a one piece if I'm on a yacht and a bikini if I'm at the beach. More coverage on a yacht with friends is preferred because of the close proximity to other couples and guest. Being in an intimate space suggest more modesty in my personal opinion.

Pack a Hat

Choose a wide brim that offers you enough sun protection. I prefer a medium brim hat but choose the hat that's feel right for you. You'll be grateful for the added sun protection when your out at sea.

Pack a Water Proof Windbreaker

A waterproof windbreaker will be your friend when you're out on the water, some women opt for a sweater, or a shawl which are both great options to bring along for cabin meals but a waterproof windbreakers offers you more protection from the elements. An elegant woman knows that practical clothing fit for the occasion is always more elegant than frills. A Wind and waterproof jacket in a bright color like red or royal blue doubles as a safety net.

Organize your cosmetics and bring only the essentials

  • SPF Cream and Lotion or spray

  • SPF Foundation

  • Moist Wipes

  • Mascara

  • Lip Balm/ Chap Stick

  • One Neutral lipstick

  • One Colored Lipstick in your favorite hue

(Or opt for a fresh face no makeup getaway like many elegant women do)


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