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Deportment & Posture

The number one question young ladies ask us is will they be required to balance a book on their head? And our reply is yes, a book upon the head is one of the surest ways to nip lazy posture in the bud before it turns into a chronic painful problem that is hard to break. During deportment classes at Poise and Punctilio, everyone is required to balance a book on ones head even young men, as their posture can use some work as well. In the 21st Century bad posture has become an epidemic with the use of cellphones, everyone is looking down, which puts tension on the back of the neck for long periods of time.

Poise and Punctilio is proud to continue the tradition of helping ladies and gentlemen walk graceful, and carry themselves with poise. Not only is good posture and proud bearing and elf possession good for confidence and appearance but it's also proven-to be good for spinal health.

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