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Hotel at Home

We all enjoy visiting 5 star hotels and experiencing luxury amenities and suites. The ambiance of the rooms are nothing short of beautiful as we fork over hundreds and sometimes thousands per night for the opportunity to live in luxury for the duration of our trip.

But when we arrive back home, our surroundings dont make us feel as pampered or as cozy because we keep making choices that everyday people make. Instead of making choices like a designer of a five star hotel. You don't need to be an interior decorator to follow these five simple tips to bring a Hotel Ambiance to your living space.

Tip #1

Keep it subtle and neutral: I love color but when it comes to my bedroom I keep things very neutral because I am able to sleep better. Bright colors seem to disturb me as I'm trying to go to sleep. The majority of Hotels keep it very neutral.

Tip #2

All White Bedding: I actually request an all white bed when I go to a hotel, it's very hard to tell if bedding that is colorful is dirty and that is not ok with me. Most of the Hotel chains we love do this as a courtesy and peace of mind for their customers. Buy an all white bed set for your bed. It also makes your bed look bigger, and helps you wash when it's dirty. Darker colors on the bed could mean that you are sleeping on dirty sheets and bedding unknowingly which is not ok.

Tip #3

Pillow Ratio Balanced: Pillow quality is a huge deal when making the bed, and the ratio of pillows for the size of the bed. 4-6 Pillows is the perfect balance for full to King size beds. But you need to know how to buy the right pillows and the correct sizes to make the bed look sumptuous.

For a Full Size Bed

2 Queen Pillows

2 standard pillows

Queen Size Bed

2 Queen Size

Four Euro Pillows 24x24

King Size Bed

2 King Pillows

2 Queen Pillows

2 Euro Pillows 26x26


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