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Tech & Balances for kids

It seems children are born ready to use technology with no help from us besides placing it in their hands. In the age of social media, endless apps, and movies on demand technology has to be monitored, scheduled and cut off sometimes for real world experiences. We’re challenging parents of young people ages 4-12 to observe their child’s behavior changes for 3 days. No judgement or punishment just make note of any mood changes that occurs and notate how long it last if any.

Day 1: Take away tech devices after 30 minutes of immersion. Then give the technology back to your child and watch the response.

When the technology was taken away did the cry? Did they notice? Did they care at all?

Day 2: interrupt a tablet moment for something more hands on like reading a physical book or racing in the backyard, or maybe even a craft.

Observe their behavior, are they excited to be hands on, moody and reluctant, or indifferent?

Day 3: Allow no technology outside of school requirements, and observe Nah our. Does your child find creative outlets to make their own fun? Do they sneak and turn on the computer devices anyway. Do they nap more or seem bored without it?

If you feel comfortable sharing your outcome tag #peerlessetiquettekids we would love to know the outcome.


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