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Camille Heron

Before you begin the interview, we want to know a little about who you are. Please share with us a little about yourself that you don't mind sharing with the world.

I'm the daughter and granddaughter of preachers, I hail originally from the island of Jamaica. For more than a decade I have worked in Corporate and Non-Profit Events Management, being mindful of achieving each event's objective while achieving beautiful guest experiences. I enjoy music of multiple genres, travel, and learning about cultures. Currently a Masters degree student at the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, I am an ordained minister, and faithfully serve in various capacities in my local church.

Who is someone (living or dead) that you feel embodies/embodied outstanding etiquette ?

There are actually two women who I currently work with who embody etiquette and grace well! One is the same age as I am, and the other is under 30 years old.

What skills or attributes must come naturally, or be inherent to a woman ?

A nurturing heart. Whether she has a child or not, there are a myriad of ways that a woman's innate ability to nurture those around her will be evident.

What is one thing you learned later in life, that you wish you were taught sooner?

The importance of proper undergarments to complete your outfit. I grew up knowing that a lady wears a slip, but not much else was taught.

Finish the statement; In today's modern world it is important to...

...present the best version of you.

What is the best etiquette advice you have ever received?

Speak up! I naturally can be a soft speaker, robbing my audience of the opportunity to clearly hear what I am communicating, so being told to speak up has been valuable in more ways than one.

Do you think today’s woman is concerned enough with, or prioritizing learning etiquette and social graces appropriately?

Unfortunately, no. There has been a concerted effort in our society to shift our focus on a doctored body, a filtered life, and a never-ending hustle to "get coins".

Do you believe there is power in femininity? If so why?

Absolutely, a room shifts when a confident woman walks in. Imagine the influence she could exact were she aware of her power.

Share one beauty secret and one style tip with us that works for you.

Go with what works for you, and don't be afraid to switch it up.

How does etiquette influence confidence?

There is nothing that undermines ones ability to confidently exist in all rooms and at all tables than having to second guess their own behavior or speech. Knowing that you are correct in how you enter and hold space in a room should be one less thing to be anxious about as you go from day to day.

Please share with us your favorite quote.

I don't have a favorite quote, but I am guided in life by the biblical passage from Philippians 2:3-4.

What is one vintage rule of etiquette or decorum that young women can benefit from today?

Avoid being loud or coarse; you would be surprised how a woman is perceived by the volume and tone of her voice.

We appreciate Camille for taking the time to interview with us, and we hope this interview has inspired you in some way. At Poise and Punctilio we try our best to give our youth positive role models to be inspired by.

We are grateful for the support; as we continue to share the gift of civility and the power of etiquette with children, teens, adults, and corporations locally and internationally.


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