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Young Ladies

Would you like to become your unique, personal best? Knowing how to properly conduct yourself in the social arena; being able to make polite conversation; dressing in a stylish and appropriate way wherever you go; carrying yourself with poise and confidence; and possessing social graces, good manners and formal dining skills, will give you the power to achieve your goals in life and become your unique, personal best. 



Leslie  Carter


Camille  Heron

peerless etiquette

Sarah Pitzer

peerless etiquette

De'Anne T.Roye


Gabrielle  Timothy

I think every young lady should make it their business to learn proper etiquette and take it seriously, it's a life skill that never goes out of style.


Brandi  Hoffman

Etiquette gives you the power to represent yourself well, and with that comes comfort. When you are confident it helps you forge solid connections with people


Ladies Only: Developing Femininity

Developing Femininity is deeper than what you wear, and how you present yourself. Femininity is powerful as it's firmly rooted in experience while masculinity is rooted in outcome. Ladies will learn how to flex between the two for a myriad of situations.

Ladies Only: Choosing clothes that suit your figure

Choosing clothes is an Art form that must be cultivated and refined over time. One o the cardinal sins women commit when choosing a wardrobe is choosing clothes that simply do not flatter their figure.

Ladies Only: Dating, but not for too long...

Dating and courting guidelines to help ladies decipher gentlemen from pretenders.This course is only offered upon permission from parents or guardians.

*Ladies Only: Advanced Grooming Secrets

Advanced grooming secrets for ladies. Old school tried and true secrets to enhance natural beauty. Partnered with modern beauty tips for today's young lady to look her best without sacrificing natural beauty.

* Ladies Only: Cultivating Gentility in Social Settings

Gentility isn't a show its the background quality of a lady that makes her gracious. Ladies will learn some of the tips and tricks to rid themselves of awkward and anxious behavior.

*Ladies Only : Special Occasions Wardrobe

Special Occasion call for special wardrobes. This course introduces a myriad of gown and hat combinations for a number of occasions ladies will be invited to.

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