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complete image development
for the results you want for
you and your brand.

The Image Asset is an image consulting firm for individuals and companies. We address all Image development concerns of our clients to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.


The Image Asset focuses on taking the image of our clients and their brands to the next level; by providing expert attention to every detail to visually enhance their personal image and the Image of their business hence becoming an asset that delivers value long after your initial investment.

Main Course Gourmet Meal

create lasting impressions with the image asset

Website Design and Content Creation

If you're in business your Image Matters. A quick google search is all it takes to dissuade someone from doing business with you. Your brand's image; online and in person matters. 

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take your online presence to the next level

Image by Nathana Rebouças

attract brand partnerships with
streamlined and clean timelines.

We're responsible for 237 perfect grids on Instagram. Our clients attract brand partnerships and collaborations with major companies because of our help maintaining their brands consistency and beauty.

Image by Jakob Owens
Beach Town
Modern House

we trust what looks the part. we're skeptical of what doesn't.

Professional Real Estate Branding

People consume with their eyes, if you aren't appealing to your target audiences visually you aren't a factor in your market be it personally or professionally. 

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Desmond Fitz

Commercial Real Estate Developer

I have never met someone who had as much fun doing her job as Zakiyyah Shakir. She is a rare creative breed who will bring your vision to life.

Happy Young People

Team Members

Website Designers

We love working with the Image Asset, we're just geeks who can appreciate good leadership and vision.

Portrait in White

Din Pho

Furniture Designer

Quintessentially professional and wildly creative within the scope of our vision. The Image Asset is for the professional who wants to set themselves apart as leaders in their industry.

Business Meeting

are you an image asset?

join the

The Habitual


 I find it hard not to create fabulous brands. In my free time, I create hypothetical brands and give them a brand identity, many of which have sold out entirely. 

Creativity isn't something I wait to be paid to do. I literally can't stop being creative. Creating over 2,000 templates for Go Daddy, WordPress, Wix, and Canva, I smile when I see companies using my formulas.

At the Image Asset, my clients are spoiled, having access to me to walk them through each step of the process as a consultant or simply doing it for them with my team who has 834 years of experience between us for a truly turnkey service.

Zakiyyah Shakir
CEO The Image Asset

Image by Rombo
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