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Specifically tailored to young men, Peerless Etiquette has created an informative and inclusive program for young men ages 13 - 18 years old. The program helps young men emerge into their roles of family, school, community, and life; by equipping them with the etiquette education to mitigate social and personal issues with confidence and class.


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Etiquette At School

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Dining Etiquette


Social Media Etiquette

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Interview Preperation

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Pride in Appearance

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Social Etiquette

young diplomats

Young Men don't always receive the Etiquette Training they need, the world seems to think of etiquette skills as only applicable to young ladies. But here at Peerless Etiquette our Young Diplomats program trains and supports young men to navigate their social lives with grace. We want to be a resource for young men, to learn the skills they need to be the best they can be for themselves, for their families, for their community, and by extension the world.

Zakiyyah Shakir





Advice for young gentlemen

One must have a high level of Self Respect, then have respect for others, especially the opposite sex. One must not only be a protector of his family but one who also protect his community? Read More...



Advice for Young Gentlemen

Whether that is physically, mentally, or emotionally, a man should always be in tune to his surrounding to detect any danger to himself or his family. Read More...



Advice for Young Gentlemen

Do you believe there is power in developing social skills? If so why?:

Yes, it helps to build and fortify relationships, as well as help one to become a better negotiator Read More...


Advice for Young Gentlemen

"Manners and etiquette show respect for yourself and others. That's the definition of manliness"

gentlemen code

A gentlemen should take pride in his appearance anywhere he goes.

Grooming and Self care is not just for ladies, a gentleman takes care of himself.

A gentleman treats ladies with respect,at all times. And encourages others to do so.

A gentleman's vocabulary is developed enough that he doesn't need to use profanity repeatedly.

A gentleman can be friends with a young lady that he likes without pressuring her into a relationship.

Fitness and Health is important, a gentlemen keeps himself in good form.

A gentlemen does his research prior to interviewing. He always walk in prepared.

A gentleman opens the door for a young lady, And assist with carrying heavy items items.

A gentleman is as comfortable in nature as he is indoors.

A gentlemen doesn't pursue a young lady his friend likes, or his friend has dated.

Education is important to a gentleman, he reads often, and takes his education seriously

A gentleman respects others because he respects himself.

A gentleman respects his time and the time of others.

A gentleman is a man of character and integrity, he is trustworthy and a man of his word.

A gentlemen is respects the wishes of a lady, and pressures her in no way shape or form.

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