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Lonnie Lawrence

Thank you Lonnie Lawrence for taking the time to interview with Peerless Etiquette Classy Chronicles. At Peerless Etiquette we think it’s important to provide civility and etiquette advice and guidance to our youth. Peerless Etiquette values the wisdom and guidance of our community leaders. During our Youth Etiquette Essentials courses, we share these interviews with young people. We look for dynamic individuals to interview so we are continually offering advice from varying perspectives that are rooted in experience backed by a track record of character and integrity. Thank you for helping us share the gift of civility and the power of etiquette.

Before we begin can you please tell us a little about yourself?

I was born and raised in Overtown of Miami Florida, graduated High School and moved to DC to work in the Fingerprint Correspondence section of the FBI. Left the FBI and served 3+yrs in the US Marine Corps. After the Marine Corps I was employed by Miami Dade County as a Police Officer, Police Major, Director of Corrections and Director of Operations for Miami International Airport. When I retired I became a Security Consultant and later became Director of Special Operations for then Congressman Kendrick Meek. Now that I’m retired fully I spend my time involved with various community programs to include DC Mentoring for Boys and the Embrace Girls Foundation for Girls.

Who is someone (living or deceased) that you feel embodies/embodied outstanding etiquette ?

Zakiyyah Shakir, the Founder of Peerless Etiquette

What skills or attributes must come naturally, or be inherent to a man?

Communication Skills, Keen Observation, Tact and Diplomacy

What is one thing you learned later in life, that you wish you were taught sooner?

I wish I would've learned Formal Etiquette sooner than later.

List three ways a young man can show his respect for himself and others.

Pride in his Appearance, Thinking before he speaks, and the company he keeps.

What is the best etiquette advice you have ever received?

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Do you think modern men are prioritizing learning etiquette and social graces appropriately?

No, modern men don't see prioritizing learning etiquette not as important. (But they should take it seriously)

Do you believe there is power in developing social skills? If so why?

Yes, because it provides the opening of doors and it expands your horizons.

Share one grooming tip and one style tip with a young man that works for you.

Take pride in how you look because truly is the first impression, and our first impression can be a lasting one.

Do you consider manners and etiquette to be manly attributes? (If so, why)

Yes, I consider manners manly because self respect and respect for others is always manly.

Please share with us your favorite quote.

“ Be the Change You Seek, Be a Difference Maker “

What is one vintage rule of etiquette or decorum that young man can benefit from today?

Open Doors for young ladies and others, and Assist Ladies when they are sitting. Stand when a young lady leaves the table and when she returns.

What is chivalry and why is it important to learn?

It is simply being a gentleman and paying attention to the little things particularly when a lady is involved.

Provide three ways a young man can protect himself without violence.

Walk away

Avoid arguments

Avoid things and places that signal trouble

Share the name of a book, and author that you believe will inspire a young man to become a better version of himself.

Playbook for An Uncommon Life- Coach Tony Dungy


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