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Art you holding your glass correctly?

Every glass dictates the way the glass should be held, avoid social blunders by learning the correct way to hold your glass.

I know what you must be thinking, is there really  proper way to hold my drink? And the answer would be yes, there is a correct and incorrect way to hold your drink. If you would like to avoid embarrassment and show you have good manners and knowledge of proper etiquette the way in which you hold your beverage is important.

When holding a glass of champagne

Hold the stem of the glass between your thumb and index finger. To some this isn't a big deal but it's always good to know the proper way to do things even if only for formal gatherings when you want to be on your very best behavior.

When holding a glass of wine

Once a bottle of red wine is opened it should spend a bit of time inside of a decanter before serving so the it has time to breathe. Many great sommeliers believe this improve the taste. Red wine and white wine should both be held by the stem although some grasp the bowl and will probably continue to do so. The reasoning behind holding the stem instead of the bowl are practical. Our body's are warm which will alter the temperature of the beverage causing a difference to occur in the taste. Furthermore holding your glass by the stem, keeps your fingerprints off the bowl once the glass is empty which isn't a pleasant sight.

Extra Tip

When you're at a social gathering hold your drink in your left hand so your right had is free for shaking hands. Failure to hold your drink in your right hand causes all sorts of awkwardness when you are socializing; you will have to wipe your hand, transfer your drink and your handshake will be very wet and clammy. Also a another reason to hold your drink correctly.


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