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Christopher Benjamin

Peerless Etiquette is proud to introduce; Attorney and State Representative Christoper Benjamin; who took time out of his busy schedule to share some words of encouragement and wisdom for young men to become a better version of themselves. Often times we view etiquette and civility as something to fear as it's been painted with a brush of stuffiness and strict rules of behavior. Our mission is to make etiquette and civility a way of life for everyone especially our youth by offering varying perspectives on etiquette and civility and it's importance. We appreciate Mr.Benjamin for leaving footprints of civility for young men and others to follow.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a FL native of Southern and Caribbean descent and the 1st Muslim elected to the FL Legislature, My favorite hobby is the research of my family tree and I’m an avid purveyor of the theater.

Who is someone (living or dead) that you feel embodies/embodied outstanding etiquette?

I’ve never met anyone more educated in the art of etiquette than Zakiyyah Shakir.

What skills or attributes must come naturally, or be inherent to a man?

The instinct to protect the ones you love and the desire to want to make things better.

What is one thing you learned later in life, that you wish you were taught sooner?

Financial literacy

List three ways a young man can show his respect for himself and others.

Have good manners, good hygiene and be humble.

What is the best etiquette advice you have ever received?

Dinner (banquet) etiquette for professionals.

Do you think modern men are prioritizing learning etiquette and social graces appropriately?

No, but they should; I think that in larger society many have underestimated the utility of etiquette and social graces.

Do you believe there is power in developing social skills? If so why?

Yes I do, I think that there is value in understanding the appropriateness of behavior for different settings and social skills help you connect with people.

Share one grooming tip and one style tip with a young man that works for you.

A well-tailored suits makes you feel unstoppable.

Do you consider manners and etiquette to be manly attributes? (If so, why)

Yes, manner and etiquette show respect for yourself and others. That's the definition of manliness.

Please share with us your favorite quote.

I’m for truth no matter who tells it - Malcolm X

What is one vintage rule of etiquette or decorum that young man can benefit from today?

I’m not versed in the rules of etiquette, but I would say that it is important to read the room and act accordingly.

What is chivalry and why is it important to learn?

Chivalry is the outward expression of your protection of womanhood.

Provide three ways a young man can protect himself without violence.

Deescalate through words, remove yourself from the situation and stay away from people who you know are problematic.

Share the name of a book, and author that you believe will inspire a young man to become a better version of himself.

The Quran, The life of the Prophet Muhammad, the Wisdom of the Elders (Robert Fleming)


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