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What if people treated you how you treated them.

The choices we make are a direct reflection of the life we live. Our clients are always inquiring about Image enhancing shortcuts and our answer is always the same.

Make choices you'll be proud of and change your life.

Its when we feel good about our choices that others are attracted to. People are ultimately attracted to people who make responsible choices although they enjoy hanging out with those who don't short term.

The best thing you can do for yourself is make choices that are healthy, and responsible, which requires developing a certain level of self control and focus. It also requires you to become accountable and remove the excuses you've been telling yourself for so long. Easier said than done, but it can be done.

When it comes to choices, etiquette is a choice you should always consider in your daily life. Using proper etiquette can help you achieve personal and professional success. A person who exhibits good etiquette will forge more long lasting friendships and be offered more opportunities than someone who does not.

I was called in to help a client to rebuild his reputation after she made the wrong choices as it relates to how he treated someone, this behavior backfired as the person who he spoke to rudely became the VP of the company from being the PA.

When the person who was mistreated as a PA became VP he did not renew my clients contract. Furthermore he was in a position to reach out to other networks to warn them that my client was rude.

Have you ever treated someone badly to live to regret it? It happens everyday. So be careful how you treat people. Everyone is important.


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